January 2007 -Still living in the apartment in Birch Bay, and I'm still at Intalco, I'll probably be in the job I'm in for at least 4 or 5 months until Kristi gets back.

The big events here are the annual Polar Bear Swim in January and the Swans that stop by at the begining of spring.

Since the swim was right outside our apartment we joined the fun - as spectators! There are usually over 200 people crazy enough to take to the frigid waters on New Year's Day.

Swans spend quite a lot of the spring foraging in the newly thawed fields of Whatcom & Skagit counties, we a bright spring day day to go find them.


Winter in Birch Bay

The New House
In March we started looking at houses since we had to move out of Jacob's Landing by April.
We settled on a newer manufactured home because we like the layout and it was in our price range.
I needed knee surgury for a cartlidge tear just before the move so I wasn't much help, but Steve Laurenson from Buy the Bay Realty, his stepson and a couple of other high school boys helped us get our stuff over and stashed.

The Deck
A major thing that was missing from the house was a nice deck where we could BBQ. We decided on what we wanted and found a contractor who claimed he could build it. The contractor wasn't very reliable, kept having excuses to disappear but he did finish most of it, we ended up getting someone more reliable to finish the job.

Bruce, our neighbor at Latitude 49 decided he needed a new BBQ and offered us the old one. Since it was working, and free, we took it off his hands, so now we can cook on our new covered deck.

Ron's Mum passed away in early May, so Ron made a trip out to New Brunswick while I tried to get the house organized.


Our New Home

We had our first visitor in the new house, Monica came out to visit in June. We had a quiet visit, hanging around the house and the pool at Latitude 49, and, of course, getting our nails done.

Ron went back to work in Victoria, commuting over on Tuesdays and comeing home on Thursdays. He worked from home on Mondays and Fridays. Rather than stay in a hotel (the last one was infested with bedbugs) he rented a small apartment. It's cozier and he can keep some stuff there instead of always having to carry it back and forth. There a pool, hottub and gym in the basement!
We furnished it from Walmart and Goodwill. I went over for a long weekend to help with the decorating.


Monica's Visit

Ron's Apartment

 Agnes & Chris came up for a visit in September. They didn't plan on buying a house, but found one in Birch Bay Village that they couldn't pass up. Chris was back in October for the closing.

October also marked my 1 year anniversary at Intalco, although I'm still employed by Manpower.

In December Agnes & Chris came up just after Xmas and we all went to Seattle to see "Jersey Boys." The production was fabulous. We also had a chance to visit Pike Place Market and a neat little Spamish store looking for paella stuff for Ron.



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